You be the investor . . . let us be the landlord!  We will handle all the details and hassles for you!

Relax and enjoy your other life activities without wondering what that next phone call from your tenant will bring. In most cases we have found that our fees are more than offset by our ability to obtain higher rents, less delinquency, and faster turn around of vacating units. 

Leasing Services

New Home to Rent (first time or renewal)

Make Ready Services include taking photos and placing the property for lease in the local Multiple Listing Service as well as multiple local and national real estate websites and local advertising.

We show your home to prospective lessees, perform background and credit checks on applicants that fit the criteria, and present applicants to you for your approval. We prepare the lease, handle communications with the tenant, and collect security and pet deposits on your behalf. All security deposits are held in a separate escrow account in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.

Each month we process rent payments and send your payment along with a detailed monthly statement.

Renewal or New Lease Services

We keep in regular contact with tenants so we are aware of their intentions to renew the lease. Prior to the renewal we perform a detailed inspection of the property and present our findings to you along with our recommendations for repairs and/or additional security deposit requirements. If the tenant intends to stay, we will manage the process of having any repairs completed and renew the lease.

If the tenant does not intend to stay, we provide a list of repairs needed to make the property ready for a new tenant, provide a 30-day Notice to Vacate to the current tenant, manage the process of having repairs completed once the tenant vacates, and find a new tenant.

Maintenance Services

We provide a 24-hour maintenance line for tenants to call to report a problem. Except for air conditioning and electrical issues, we first attempt to troubleshoot with our in-house handyman. Depending on the type of issue reported, we dispatch repair technicians in alignment with your requests (home warranty services, service contracts in place, etc.).

We inform you of the situation, cost and possible remediation efforts needed and coordinate approved repairs with the tenant and supplier. We handle the invoicing with the vendors and manage your owner reserves.

Rent Collection and Eviction Services

In the event a tenant is not making rent payments when due, monthly rent notices are sent in accordance with Texas Property Code. We prepare deposit disposition and request for lien, file Notice to Evict in accordance with Texas Property Code, and file court paperwork for Eviction. All communications with the tenant and court system, and the full process of eviction, are handled by our staff.

Asset Protection Services

We provide you with a quarterly property inspection report, including photos nd updated inventory checklist. We also perform a monthly drive-by inspection and note any possible issues. If warranted, we provide notice to the tenant of any breaches of the lease and follow through for correction.

Our Fees

The first month’s rent goes to our agency and the agency that brings the tenant. Monthly management fee is 10% of the rent. Deposit does stay in escrow.

Looking for Property Management Services?

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