I spent the first 20 years of professional career as a technical systems and business consultant.  I implemented large contact center systems as well as worked through large and small mergers and acquisitions. 

I purchased a real estate company in 2011 and became a Realtor.  I have been in love with the real estate industry ever since.  I have found that my corporate background is invaluable in working with clients and growing my real estate company.  Negotiating Skills, Effective Communications, Writing Skills, Selling Skills, Relationship skills are my strongest assets.  All the years in corporate America prepared me extremely well in assisting my clients.  Why?  Buying or Selling a home or commercial property is one of the largest investments most individuals will make in their lifetime.  I have an extremely successful knack at achieving the highest return on investment with my sellers and I work hard to ensure my buyer clients do not overpay for their property. 

I am an Advisor, not just an agent.  I work alongside my clients to advise, recommend, head off issues, negotiate, confront, and problem solve.  I am not just an agent but a real estate Advisor. 

I have one grown daughter who is a teacher in Texas and my best friend.  I have lived in multiple areas of North Texas.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with all new clients or just answer real estate questions!